Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Recent Noodle Mania email feedback

**I recently received the following in an email. I have edited out personal information at the request of the sender.

“I witnessed your Noodle presentation” (recently). (After the conference), “I proceeded to perform some of the games/activities you had presented complete with rules (like 'put the noodle under your arm' when I was explaining or collecting them) and I wish to let you know my students were "ecstatic" about working with them.” “When working with my students and these noodles even on the basketball court, it was glaringly apparent each child was experiencing the many different P.E. skills I taught while having fun.”

“In addition, please be advised that my Kindergarten plus First Grade students were actively devising ways to use the noodles plus pucks for balance and coordination activities on their own when given the chance to work with them.”

“In conclusion, I feel what you have done here with this concept of using such a simple tool as pool noodles has "hit the mark" of what we all try to do as P.E. educators with attempting to create the best possible learning environments/outcomes for our students.”

“Well done.”


***Hope you enjoyed that email selection as much as I did. I am always pleased to hear that my presentations have had an impact on physical education classes. If anyone else has experiences to share, I would love to get them.

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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Trip to New York

Made it home safely from the wonderful state of New York this afternoon. What a trip!!!

In addition to having two successful presentations this weekend (Noodle Mania and Socci), I was able to get my brother to join me on the road trip, stay with a close personal friend, Kevin, and his wife, and we were joined by another buddy, Dave (who flew into town from North Carolina).

Three days later.......and lots of Wii, delicious beverages, good food, and excellent company, it's easy to say that the trip to NY was a blast. I am already looking forward to heading back next year.

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Saturday, March 1, 2008

2008 NY AHPERD Zone E Mini-Conference @ C.W. Post

Well, Noodle Mania had another successful presentation opportunity at the 2008 NY AHPERD, Zone E Mini-Conference. There were over 50 participants who attended the session. After the session I was able to sell 25 Noodle Mania books and gave away 2 Noodle Packs. Dee and Shannon appeared very excited to receive their prize!
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It was a little noisy in the gym due to a very loud sound system being used on the other side of the gym, however, with a little patience, a lot of yelling, and squeezing together as a group, we made it work. I was able to demonstrate a variety of fun and innovative noodle activities in the hour that I had to present. We covered partner activities, instant activities, large group games, and sport skill activities during the presentation.

The entire conference looked to be a tremendous success. There were over 250 participants. Congrats to Dr. Mara Manson and the rest of the conference staff for an excellent job! Also, special thanks to my proctor for the session, Ryan. He was a tremendous help and took some fine photos of the presentation which will be posted on the NoodleGames website ( soon.

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