Thursday, December 18, 2008

Making a Difference in Physical Education

Here are some simple tips to keep in mind when instructing physical education;
1. Be a role model - wear a pedometer, eat healthy meals at school, make healthy drink choices (i.e. - water, not soda), and move regularly with your students
2. Know the Playbook - prepare quality lesson plans for every lesson, keep up with current research, and articles & books related to quality physical education, health, and wellness
3. Make PE functional and fun - all students need to be engaged in activity, make connections with lessons and lifelong fitness & wellness, and use/create activities that are fun and engaging
4. Moving = Learning - research consistently shows a positive link between movement and learning, make others aware of this link, and incorporate core content in physical education lessons when appropriate
5. Be an Advocate for Quality PE - engage all students in learning, provide instructions and frequent feedback for students, assess students throughout the lesson, and tie lessons to opportunities for lifelong health and wellness
6. Try something new each year!

Chad Triolet

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CoachBoze said...

Two things I'll need to change. I'll drink my ration of Diet Coke INSIDE my office. The other is, no more school food!!! We have a "teacher line" that's very tasty but worse than fast food. I do think the kids notice that kind of thing. Most of them won't say anything, but a couple do ask!! haha