Sunday, November 23, 2008

2008 NCAAHPERD in Winston-Salem, NC - WOW!!!

What do you get when you use a spacious conference center and add over 50 vendors, and over 2200 physical & health education and dance professionals?? The best state AHPERD conference I have attended in the 2008!!!

Kudos to the NCAAHPERD Executive Director, Conference Coordinator, and the Board of NCAAHPERD for putting together a very professional and fun conference. During the conference, I was able to do three presentations (1-Noodle Mania, and 2-Omnikin). All the sessions were well-attended (of course, with 2200 participants that is not difficult to understand).

It was great getting to see my buddies from Socci (, Grant Scheffer and Dale Slear! Sadly, that will be the last time I see those guys until 2009. If you ever get the chance to check out their sweet multi-purpose 3-D goal, it'll blow your mind!

Unfortunately, I was unable to take a lot of photos. When I download them, I will be sure to post a few on this blog, so be sure to check back later.

Thanks again to NCAAHPERD and all the awesome professionals I met....what a great time!


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PEJW said...

Chad....GREAT sessions!!!! I used some noodle games on Monday and Tuesday and the kids loved them! They loved playing with noodlettes!! I was wondering where we can get the inoodle tshirt..they were not listed on your site.

Awesome job!